What People are Saying about the Field Guide to the 6Ds

posted Apr 15, 2014, 6:42 AM by Roy Pollock   [ updated Apr 15, 2014, 6:53 AM ]

"The Field Guide To The 6Ds is unequivocally the most valuable resource I've owned in the 19 years of my career in learning, development, and Performance Improvement. There is no more practical, relevant, and action-oriented resource in print that will improve the business outcomes of your efforts."
--Terence Donahue, corporate director, Learning, Emerson Electric

"This book is beyond powerful. The depth to which the authors care about helping those of us in the field make a difference is inspirational. They are constantly updating the information behind the 6Ds with research and providing insights that are actionable. The inclusion of forty-three compelling stories of what peers have done in a variety of situations makes this truly the foundational book all of us should keep close at hand. I fully expect my copy will have many pages 'dog-eared' and will be well loved."
--Teresa Roche, chief learning officer, Agilent Technologies.

"The Field Guide to the 6Ds® provides a road map for learning professionals to transition from training developers and deliverers to true strategic business partners. The authors offer practical yet powerful start-to-finish concepts, techniques, tools and case studies to drive and demonstrate bottom-line contributions. This is a must-have guide for all training professionals."
--James D. Kirkpatrick, PhD, Senior Consultant, Kirkpatrick Partners

"The Field Guide to the 6Ds is the most pragmatic guide book I have ever seen. It provides learning professionals with specific tools, concrete cases and how-to guides. We are greatly impressed by the authors' practical and business-oriented approach to enhancing the value of learning and development."
--Tao Zhou, PhD., President, Shanghai TopLearning Management Consulting Company, China

"This book is an amazing treasure chest to those looking for ideas and evidence of learning value in the organization. Real cases illustrating field applications of 6Ds are especially valuable to help you come up with your own solutions suitable to your organization. It doesn't matter which industry you work for or what country you live in."
--Mijeong Kim, Ph.D., director, Learning & Performance Institute, Credu, Korea

"The Field Guide to the 6Ds is the perfect follow-up to The Six Disciplines. It takes the concepts of the 6Ds and provides a framework for immediate implementation. Anyone who is leading the learning function will benefit from the case studies and tools to help take their organization's learning to the next level."
--Meg Pletcher, national director of learning & development, Emeritus Senior Living

What People are Saying about The 6Ds Workshops

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"I sincerely enjoyed your course – it’s not often that I feel I took so much away from a short experience."

"I loved the conference.  In my many years of training and education this by far was the  best!"

"The  most relevant, credible, and compelling program I have ever attended."

"I’ve been so pumped from your workshop this week, I’ve been talking it up every chance I get."

"Engaging, fun, informative! I cannot wait to share this information with my learning colleagues!"

"This is definitely a program I would recommend to other Learning and Development professionals."

"I am working hard to implement the 6Ds in all my existing programs and especially applying the concepts to my new programs."

"I gained a lot of knowledge and tips to take back to my organization that will be valuable once implemented."

"Outstanding! I was hesitant to be out of the office during this time but am so pleased I made the decision to come to the conference! It was time well spent!"

What People are Saying about The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning

posted May 3, 2012, 11:53 AM by Roy Pollock   [ updated Apr 15, 2014, 6:47 AM ]

“No other book in the last decade has been more important for the workplace learning field. The second edition is even better, incorporating new wisdom learned in the crucible of real-world practice.”

Will Thalheimer, PhD, president, Work-Learning Research, Inc.

 The Six Disciplines brings together many of the most important principles of corporate training in an easy-to-understand, highly visual format.  Readers will find this book filled with examples, models, and practical tools you can use to create high-impact learning solutions in your own organization.”

Josh Bersin, president and chief executive officer, Bersin & Associates

 “Wick, Pollock, and Jefferson have a well-proven formula for moving learning from an academic exercise to business results.  Their 6Ds® offer any leader specific and concrete things that they can do to turn learning into results. “

—Dave Ulrich, professor, Ross School of  Business, University of Michigan, and partner, The RBL Group

 “I introduced The Six Disciplines to GE’s Global Learning Council and I am very glad that I did. The Six Disciplines gives us a common language and a common process that work very well in GE.”

Jayne Johnson, Director, Leadership Education for GE Global Learning, Crotonville

  “Learning professionals who apply The Six Disciplines in their day-to-day work will deliver undeniable value to any organization. ”

— Nicole Roy-Tobin, chief learning officer, Financial Advisory Services, Deloitte Services, LLP

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