Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 6Ds®?
What is unique about the 6Ds® approach?
What is the 6Ds® Workshop?
What is the Workshop designed to achieve?
What are the benefits of the workshop?
Who is the workshop designed for?
Who are Roy Pollock and Andy Jefferson?
Where can I learn more?


What are the 6Ds®?

The 6Ds® are the six disciplines practiced by the most effective learning and development organizations.  They are based on insights from dozens of companies and hundreds of published studies on learning and development.  They are based on the best-selling Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning by Wick, Pollock and Jefferson.
 The 6Ds® bring together a comprehensive approach to designing, delivering, and evaluating training and development programs using a systems approach that is both easy to understand and practical to implement.

The 6Ds® are:
D1: Define Business Outcomes
D2: Design the Complete Experience
D3: Deliver for Application
D4: Drive Learning Transfer
D5: Deploy Performance Support
D6: Document Results

What is unique about the 6Ds® approach?

The 6Ds® have been hailed as the most important book in the workplace learning field in the last decade.  They are a unique approach to instructional design and delivery because they focus on the business rationale for training and development and what learning professionals must do to win—and sustain—support from business leaders.  The 6Ds® build on, but go beyond traditional instructional design models, like ADDIE.  They are business-centric, practical to implement, and proven in practice in leading companies around the world.

What is the 6Ds®Workshop?

The 6Ds® Workshop is an intensive, active learning experience in which participants practice applying the 6Ds® to their own programs.  It begins with relevant preparatory work which is followed by a two day instructor led session and concludes with 10 weeks of active support during the critical transfer phase. The entire process is then brought full circle with a concluding capstone teleconference to share achievements and lessons learned.

What is the Workshop designed to achieve? The Workshop is designed to introduce learning professionals to a new way of planning, designing, executing, and evaluating training programs, one that is much more business-focused and holistic than traditional instructional design models.  You will learn:
  • Why it is essential to define business objectives in addition to learning objectives
  • Why we must stop treating training as an event; that what happens before and after training is as important as the training itself
  • How instructional methods impact learning transfer
  • Why transfer is currently the weakest link and the greatest opportunity to improve training’s effectiveness
  • How to deploy performance support to increase sustainability
  • How to measure training’s impact in ways that are relevant, credible and compelling.
What are the benefits of the workshop?

The 6Ds® Workshop provides practical tools and approaches to transform learning and development from “order takers” to strategic business partners, thereby gaining greater respect and support.  As a result of attending a workshop and applying what you learn, you will enjoy:
  • a higher return on training investments
  • greater management support for training and development
  • enhanced prestige for learning professionals as business partners
Who is the workshop designed for?

The 6Ds® workshop is designed for all workplace learning professionals. Significant  value can be derived when intact teams attend the training together as they are then able to share a common language, concepts and experience.  Training department managers and leaders will learn how to align their departments more closely with the business and thus earn greater support.  Designers and facilitators will learn how to move from “order taker” to strategic business partner and how to make more of the learning “stick” so that it leads to improved performance.

How long does it take to complete the workshop?

The workshop is offered as a 2-day, live classroom session or as a 4-session web workshop.  In both cases, the workshop is designed as a two-month learning experience.  Consistent with the principles of the 6Ds® “the real work (or applying the learning) starts when the classroom session ends.”  The program includes online coaching and support from the facilitators throughout the learning and application period.

Who are Roy Pollock and Andy Jefferson?
Roy Pollock and Andy Jefferson are co-authors of The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning and How to Get Your Money’s Worth from Training and Development. They are unique in the training industry in that both enjoyed successful careers as business executives before becoming master teachers and consultants.  Their business savvy permeates the 6Ds® and contributes to their effectiveness.  Both Roy and Andy are talented and popular speakers who delight in engaging audiences and sharing their expertise.  Read more about instructors.

Where can I learn more?

We offer in-company workshops at a time and place of your choosing.  Write for more information or to schedule a workshop. Additionally, the 6Ds Company, in partnership with the ASTD, offers a number of open enrollment programs each year on learning transfer and the 6Ds.  Go to and search for Learning Transfer to learn more.